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Solar & LED Products

Not only is electric power from solar panels free from greenhouse gas emissions, it's also an infinite resource. The fact is there are only so many gallons of oil, trainloads of coal, and cubic feet of natural gas in our planet, and they will run out. Our daily lives rely on huge amounts of energy and while there is a fair amount of discussion and disagreement about how long these fuels will last, there is strong consensus that we use these resources faster than they are replenished and sooner or later they will run out.

During a single day more energy in the form of sunlight finds its way to earth than we could ever hope to use. The sooner we begin to harness this energy through the deployment of solar panels (PV solar), solar water heaters, and other solar energy technologies, the sooner we will see the effects of anthropogenic climate change slow and reverse, and the sooner we will see our economy thrive without the limits of expensive and finite sources of energy.